AirAsia Promo Booking Tips [Part II]

By | 22/01/2013
AirAsia Flights

AirAsia Promo Booking Tips [Part II]

AirAsia Flights

AirAsia Promo Booking Tips [Part II] is the continuation of [Part I]. Air Asia is the best budget airline in Asia or perhaps the world. Million of travelers has fly with them so far and from time to time you will find new promotion from AirAsia. I believe many of us facing difficulties to secure AirAsia cheap tickets during their super bargain sale.

For example, during the introduction of Tokyo route, the fare for 2 persons return is just only RM500 ! The best flights with the lowest prices are usually gone within 10-30 minutes after promotions start. During this period the AirAsia website will always experience super high traffic and those lucky will get what they want.

12 AirAsia Promo Booking Tips [Part II]

Let me share some tips how to ensure yout get your tickets during promotional period :

1. AirAsia Promotion Information

First thing first you must have some info on the AirAsia’s promotion. The advertisement is everywhere, from printed media to tv, radio and online. The promotion if you notice normally announced on very short notice and booking period is available for 3-7 days. The best options is to subscribe to AirAsia newsletter which they will send any promotion/info direct to your mailbox.

Don’t forget to read the advertisement carefully especially on the “booking period” and “travel period” and other terms & conditions. Alternatively, you can subscribe to for latest updates on not just AirAsia but other airlines as such as MAS, Tiger etc.

2. Internet Connection

Make sure you have good internet connection or maybe good fast 3G/4G connection for your mobile phone. Not to mention is your hardware (phone model, notebook, pc) must be good too. The reason is simple, the real deals is only made available online and you can’t get the special price at their sales office.

3. Register an Account on

Do you know that you can register a free account at With this account your booking process will be much easier and faster as you don’t have to type in your personal details over and over again for each flight you want to book.

4. The fare price

Check the tickets fare during promotion and without promotion. So that you know the different.

5. Plan your travel

When you travel with AirAsia it is about planning future ahead for your travel. So decide where and when to go. For each flight during promotion period, very few seats made available on discount fare, therefore in case all discount seats are sold off, you must have backup plan whether to book for the next day, other place etc.

6. Travel in group

If travel with group, make sure you have their details for booking before-hand (i.e name, IC no). To avoid your group split into few flights, better get one person to book for all. Alternatively you can have few of you book at the same time side-by-side and only confirm the flights if the other person get the same flight, time, date and destination.

7. Debit banking

If you choose debit banking, please make sure your account has sufficient money. Also if you have a bank account in the country from where you do your booking; you can avoid the ‘convenience fee’ they charge for credit card payments, by simply choosing direct debit as a payment option.

8. Mobile.Airasia.Com

For smartphones user don’t forget to download the application for AirAsia. You can easily search it on your application world etc.

If you have slow internet connection why not simply use the www. Mobile.Airasia.Com from your desktop. The mobile site uses the same servers like their main page with less graphics etc. So you can surf faster.

9. Focus on Air tickets !

To avoid any TIMEOUT, just focus on the tickets first, the rest like allocated seats or meals or baggage allowance you can do later.

10. When to Book ?

During FREE SEATS promotion, many AirAsia travelers are ready to hit the booking page at . Therefore, the right time is needed to ensure you get your tickets. Please avoid peak hour for this purpose. For example is the booking period is open on 27/12/2010, you can place your booking online as early as 1am in the morning.

11. Error

If you experience ‘Gateway Error, ‘Timeout’ or ‘Webpage not available’ errors during your promotional period, don’t panic. It is normal as the traffic is extremly heavy. The web forms and even the whole website can become slow and unresponsive.

Press ‘Reload’ is the solution to have the information you key in already usually will stay in the forms, so you can avoid going back to the main page again and start key in all over again

12. Use firefox browser

Based on traveler review, using Firefox browser is better for AirAsia website at least.

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